Movers’ Professional Tips for Safely Moving Your Kitchen

Congratulations! You are tackling that big move. Part of this move will involve relocating the items in your kitchen. This can be a difficult task with numerous risks involved. Over the years, I’ve been part of several commercial kitchen relocations and moved my own kitchen plenty of times. Thankfully, the professionals at cheap mover know a thing or two about safely moving a kitchen without stress. Check them out below!


1. Secure Those Boxes

Make sure all of the boxes you are using to move kitchen items are secure. If you are using packing tape, all of the boxes must be packed with the packing tape wrapped around the entire box along the seams. You do not want an entire set of heavy dishes to fall out of the bottom of the boxes!

2. Heavy Appliances

If you are taking your oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator, make sure you safely disconnect and prep each appliance. Tape each appliance door shut. Also, take the time to clean the vacant space left by each appliance thoroughly. Lots of slippery goop can accumulate under appliances, and you don’t want to later trip in your empty kitchen. Also, be sure to move the appliances out of the kitchen using a dolly with safety straps. Finally, never move large appliances alone! If a heavy appliance starts to tip, one person will not be able to stop it. Two people will.

3. Sharp Item Safety

Kitchens are full of sharp materials. Many of these items are knives, but they can also be slicers, appliance blades, and more. All of these items should be thoroughly wrapped in cloth before you back. This will keep the hands of people loading and unloading the boxes safely. It will also prevent the sharp items from inadvertently damaging other items being shipped. Label each box that contains sharp items.

4. Use Small Boxes

It can be tempting to dump a variety of kitchen items into a couple of large boxes. However, a safer the idea is to use lots of small boxes for your kitchen move. This will help protect any fragile items that need to be moved. The small boxes will also be easier on your back on moving day. Remember, it’s much safer to move three small boxes than one large box.

5. Kitchen Table

If you can, take apart any tables in your kitchen. Store any hardware in plastic baggies. You can then tape the baggies onto one of the table legs. Remember, it is much safer to move a kitchen table that has been disassembled. Once the table parts are loaded on the truck, use moving blankets to protect the wood and your fingers.

6. Equipment

For additional safety, consider wearing fingerless gloves and a back brace while moving the appliances and boxes from your kitchen. Also, shoes with steel toes are a must. You do not want to accidentally drop a box or a heavy appliance on your foot only protected by a sneaker or sandal.

Moving a kitchen involves lots of hard work. However, this work doesn’t need to be unsafe. Follow the tips above to cross this chore off your moving checklist successfully.


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